Zero Tolerance to Abuse including Child Safe Practice

zero tolerance

In line with the Disability Services Act , Child Safe legislation and best practice, Cooinda is committed to the provision of a safe and abuse free environment across the entire organisation.

We have recently strengthened our own policies and practice in this area and adopted a clear statement that underpins our commitment:

Cooinda Terang is committed to a culture of zero tolerance of abuse and the implementation of child safe practices. The care, safety and welfare of all participants, either child or adult are embedded in policies and practices which ensure a commitment to zero tolerance of abuse. Training is provided to all staff and participants are made aware of their rights to be safe. All reports will be investigated and responded to in accordance with current policy and legislation. Cooinda is committed to working with other agencies to further develop strategies to safeguard the rights of people with a disability.

If you would like to know more about our policy or procedures please contact CEO Janice Harris or General Manager Phil Hose in the Terang office.