Meet Rowan

I am 21 years old and live in a unit in Terang with another guy. It was my dream for a long time to live in a flat in Terang and I feel like a man now living independently.

I left the Hampden Special School when I turned 18 at the end of 2012 and started coming to Cooinda in 2013. I do some work programs as well as a TAFE program and other groups for fun like swimming, computers and dancing.

I like to see my friends and helping them.

I work at a milk bar on Wednesday afternoons and at the Terang Opp shop on Friday afternoons. I am part of a bowling group on Tuesday nights and I play footy with the Hampden Hurricanes in footy season and the Howzat Cricket in the cricket season. I am also part of a karate class on Thursday nights.

While I like living independently, I still keep in touch with my family, especially dad, brothers and sister, my uncle, aunty and cousins.

I am happy! I want things to stay as they are, I like where I live and work and all my jobs. In the future I would like to go on a holiday and I think Sydney would be a good place!